Tuesday, November 28, 2006

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Packed into the #4 bus tonight with bleary old folks and loudmouthed students ("He's a fucking dick-she's a skank-whatever, he asked for it-like I fucking give a shit-he's on crack if he thinks he's getting a blowjob-whatever!")
Old lady to my right grimaces at the language, reaches out a shaky claw for the buzzer when her stop comes. Blasts of freezing cold air everytime the double doors open. "Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!"
Headphones on the kid next to me are leaking a tinny, repetitive bassline into the works, a counterpoint for the cellphones going off like firecrackers right and left.
Mom desperately trying to herd her three kids down the center aisle, shouts "Wait! Wait!" to the busdriver as her stop sails by. Some stifled laughter from the students.
"Jizz on my Tits" says the seatback.