Friday, May 20, 2005

After three days of unrelenting wind and rain the sky finally clears and the water calms. Peas in the garden drooping to the ground from so much abuse. Broken robin's egg on the trail.
But now, like none of it happened, a calm night. Yellow moonlight reflecting off the paddle wash as I steer the canoe into the Lang Creek estuary. No otters or seals to be seen, only the sound of frogs at the river mouth and distant wooosh of the coast highway.
I try a few turning maneuvers in the tight race course of the log jams, the slowest speedway in the world. My handling of the canoe is improving, no bumps or knocks this time.
Following the shore back, I'm struck by the brightness the moon brings to everything. Only after stowing the canoe and stomping inside do I realize that it's dark outside.