Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Victoria, B.C. - musical twilight zone of Canada:

1. Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" is playing over the speakers as I sit down to lunch at Floyd's Diner. Middle aged, crystal wearing, guru impersonating woman to my left turns to her friend/pupil and says (in patronizing, more-cultured-than-thou voice):

"This is Tracy Chapman. Do you know her music? She was a very popular black singer in the seventies."

2. The stereo system at Crystal Pool, which usually pumps out a steady stream of Britney, Blink 182 and Nickleback, suddenly, and without warning, starts playing Songs:Ohia's low-fi existential masterpiece "Captain Badass." Not quite able to comprehend what's happening, I stop swimming and grip the side of the pool, blinking in confusion. No one else seems to notice.

(Camera pans left to reveal Rod Serling, disguised as a member of the water aerobics class)
"An average pool in an average town...etc. etc."