Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Another unpleasant run-in with our landlord today - one of the snootiest, most tight-assed, humourless yuppie man-bots I've ever had the misfortune of paying rent to. The kind of guy who shakes your hand with a audible shudder of distaste, like royalty visiting a leper colony. The kind of guy who stares blankly at your light hearted attempts to make small talk, as if shocked speechless that you would even have the temerity. The kind of guy, who when you call him on the phone and tell him who's calling, says "ok" rather than "hello."
V is convinced that this guy, and his carbon copy ice queen wife, are planning to kick us out at the end of our lease, even though we are perfect, rent on time, no parties, no noise, no problem tenants. I used to think she was just being paranoid, but not anymore. I'm telling you, I can see it in their eyes.