Saturday, July 01, 2006

No, this is not my signed copy of Neil Young's classic vinyl only album Time Fades Away, it's simply the biggest jpg of the cover that I could find on the internet.

I've owned this album for a while, and I've always assumed that the photograph on the cover was taken in the middle of the concert. This morning I noticed that the crowd is actually leaving. That the house lights are on and the show is over. A few die-hards have stuck around at the front of the stage to throw flowers, flash the peace sign, and in the case of the young man directly above the stem of the rose, balance their noses precariously on the edge of the stage itself (check him out, he's funny.) But soon they'll be gone and the place will be empty. "Time Fades Away." Brilliant.
Well "duh" you say.
Hey, it takes me a while sometimes.