Monday, November 20, 2006

World's Shortest Boycott!

Customer: Hi, I special ordered a book from you guys. Has it arrived yet? (gives his last name)

Me: Yup, here it is. "Sports Illustrated's Big Book of Baseball." That'll be $25.95.

Customer: (pulling out debit card) Great! And one other thing- Are you guys going to be getting in that new O.J. Simpson book?

Me: Oh, you mean If I Did It?"

Customer: Yeah, that's the one.

Me: (checking computer) Uh...yes. Looks like we have about twenty copies on order.

Customer: (putting debit card back in wallet) Oh. Well, thats too bad, because I'm boycotting any business that supports or profits from that book's publication. So I guess I won't be buying this baseball book either. (pushes it back across the counter toward me)

Me: But you special ordered this book.

Customer: Yeah, it's too bad isn't it?

A beat.

Me: Well, I don't know. I guess it's your call. (taking book and putting it in the"what the hell do we do with this item now?" box and moving over to help the next person in line.)

Customer stares at me for a moment, then shuffles off.

Twenty minutes pass.

Customer approaches counter again. I don't think he's left the store.

Customer: Y'know I really want that baseball book. I ordered it and I've been waiting for it.

Me: uh huh

Customer: I just...I don't know. I'm really unhappy that you guys would carry that O.J. Simpson book.

Me: uh huh

Customer: Damn. I guess I better go ahead and buy it. (pulls debit card out of wallet) How much was it again?