Sunday, March 04, 2007

Simon Hattenstone talks to David Lynch:

Outside, the ground is thick with snow. Lynch loves it. He is very interested in weather. Recently, he started to make a daily weather broadcast for the Los Angeles radio station, indie 103.1. He has already sent over his report for the day. What did he say? "I just tell them where I am. I did it from the train station this morning. I give them the date - and then I tell them what it is like for me right now. Like today I would say that it has been snowing and it is now overcast and grey. And I'd say there's a slight breeze." He points out of the window. "See the way the steam is moving, so there's a good steady breeze. Then I would say the temperature in fahrenheit and celsius. I have to do some research. Today I got the temperature from the driver who had the temperature in celsius, but I also got it from the hotel, and that jived with what the driver said."

INLAND EMPIRE, Lynch's first film since Mulholland Drive, is apparently three hours long, "savagely uncompromised," and shot entirely on digital video. It's also not coming to Canada anytime soon.