Friday, September 09, 2005

Finally listened to "The Campfire Headphase", the new album by Boards of Canada, in it's entirety this morning, and while "Geogaddi" held glimmers of hope that the magic was not yet completely gone, "Headphase" really feels like the end.
On their early releases "Hi Scores" and "Music has the Right to Children", there was always a tickling contradiction at work. A sense of rest struggling with a sense of unease. The tension this created was, at times, almost unbearably beautiful.
Well, it seems the battle is over, and the "sense of rest" has come out on top. While this makes for some relaxing driving music, it does not match the wonder and bewilderment of their best work. The punks who made "Hi Scores" and "Music Has the Right to Children" have become studio musicians, and the result sounds a lot like a car commercial.

The essential Boards of Canada tracks, in no particular order:

Turquoise Hexagon Sun
Everything You Do is a Balloon
An Eagle in Your Mind
Telephasic Workshop
Sunshine Recorder
Happy Cycling

So long, BOC. You changed the way I listened to music.