Thursday, September 15, 2005

"What is Selachophobia Costing You Today?

How many relationships has it destroyed? How much have you lost in earnings? Promotions? Are you even doing the work you love? (Are you able to work at all?).

What will happen to your emotional and physical health and happiness, not to mention your relationships if you don't do something about your selachophobia now. What will happen in one year? Or five?

Are you really prepared to live the rest of your life with selachophobia?

Now… Imagine a world where you are completely free of selachophobia.

Imagine waking up in the morning feeling free, clear, and vital – ready to enjoy your day. Instead of spending your day with selachophobia emotionally paralyzing you, you can focus on the positive and be the real you.

* You know how to relax.
* You're free of the anger, fear and anxiety of selachophobia.
* Work is easier and more satisfying.
* Relationships are easier and more rewarding.

All that energy you used to waste on selachophobia is now available for things that really matter."