Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stephen Gill - Trolley Portrait (purchased directly from the artist yesterday for 60 GBP. Thanks Stephen!)

"This serial spirit -- rampantly curious; egalitarian; largely made by wandering around - is something genuinely new in photography. Lots of recent projects seem animated by a similar impulse: Sylvia Grace Borda's Every Bus Stop in Surrey, B.C.; Adam Harrison's 365 Sketches; Jamie Tolagson's 100 Views; Robert Linsley's 100 Views of Mount Baker; my ghosts. These pictures are all encyclopedic descriptions of a particular culture or place, and they all cast as wide a net as possible, in the hope of snaring representations of things that haven't made it into more idea-driven picture-making. Gill's series "Invisible," and "Billboards" are my favorites of those profiled on his site, with"Lost" bringing up third place. Also note Gill's generous offers of free limited edition pictures; this too is an impulse derived from conceptualism. Gill might as well have stamped his free bank machine photographs COLLECTION PUBLIC FREEHOLD."

-Christopher Brayshaw, Anodyne.