Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What are they putting in the coffee over at Canadian Art Magazine's staff room? Some sort of odourless mental retardant?
Verbatim from the current online edition's front page:

"Much of the success of the painter Shelley Adler’s current exhibition at Nicholas Metivier Gallery is in her treatment of subject matter whether it's an eerie close-up of a young boy sleeping or a candid portrait of a young woman in a towel. But on closer inspection it is the sheer visual power of Adler’s skilfully painted canvases that demand attention. Lushly rendered in the vibrant, hyper-real colours of Pop art, Adler’s thick brush strokes and smooth surfaces read like frosting on a birthday cake that beckons to be touched. The unconventional colour of her canvases evokes definite emotions and also conveys a strong decorative and aesthetic quality. Comparisons with Warhol’s silkscreen portraits are unavoidable. Take for instance High Tension Magenta, a magenta-hued close-up of a beautiful woman’s face that expresses a real sense of anxiety and anticipation with a masterful painterly touch that ultimately privileges surface over meaning. Very different but equally appealing and unnerving are Adler’s paintings of empty banquet tables set for a meal. These scenes are like portraits in absentia where the viewer is left to fill the seats with people then construct a narrative."