Sunday, November 26, 2006

100 Views - 82

Snow started coming down at about nine this morning. Just enough time to grab an hour with the camera before heading to work at noon. Soaked and freezing within minutes, fingers shaking on the exposures, but managed to fill a card and pull one view (above.) Grab some dry clothes and head back out to catch the bus up to Bolen Books.
It's a shaky ride in a nearly empty #28, rear end fishtailing around like crazy, driver muttering angrily to himself, windows hopelessly fogged, outside world a smudge.
Enter the store to flickering lights, computers clicking and surging, staff buzzing with talk about a possible early closure. An hour later it's official, store will close at 5:30 rather than 10:00.
Day passes quickly. A few stunned customers make quick purchases and stumble back out into what looks like total white-out. Four hours later, we shut everything off and do the same. When I get home it's still coming down.