Sunday, March 25, 2007

The CSA Ark

Thanks to everyone who braved Vancouver's 48 hour flood and came out for the opening. I haven't been that miserably cold and damp since...well, since I lived in Vancouver.
Special thanks to CSA (Brayshaw, Tong, Harrison,) Kyath Battie, Brad Phillips, Chad Sato, Carl Whittaker, Trudi Smith, Rainbow Friberg, Rob Heinson, Steve McCleod, Erica Henderson, Jason Vanderhill, Scott Mcfarland, Evan Lee, Sarah Turner, Nick Krgovich and Owen Kydd.
Extra special thanks to art critic Douglas Wong (above left,) a surprise guest who offered an hour's worth of unsolicited critique before the show was even hung. Note Wong's unimpressed scowl and Brayshaw's bemused smirk ("Just keeping you on your toes, Tolagson!")