Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Saws (Old Men Hopping Around on Their Peckers, Controlled by Their Alien Subconsciouses)

"...the Chainsaw whippers attatched to the wall control hopping carts in the center of the room. The switch of the chainsaw has been removed and replaced by a modified power cord. The cord is secured to a swivel welded to the saw chain, and hangs down to the metal sheet on the floor. The leads at the end of the cord are stripped and function as the switch for the saw. When the leads are in contact with the metal, there is a bright blue arc and the saw starts whipping the cord around. When the leads come back in contact with the sheetmetal, the process continues. For the brief time that the chainsaw is on, it also turns on a cart in the middle of the room. The carts are fitted with reciprocating sawsalls which poke their blades out the bottom of the cart and hop in a jerky, agitated way. Occasionally carts collide, then work themselves apart."

-Joel Murphy