Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Just back from two days in Vancouver, a city I barely recognize these days. The Cambie St. skytrain expansion, along with an ever expanding army of glass condominiums, have rendered obsolete my old memories of the downtown. There's even a massive condo going up on the site of the old Kingsway flea market, a spot I would have thought immune if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes (face plastered to the bus window, neck craned back to take in the ridiculously incongruous size, extremely prolonged "what...the...fuck?" escaping my lips.)
If you haven't been to Vancouver in a few years, take a trip to the corner of Cambie and Broadway and do a slow 360. Move over Fred Herzog, it's Ed Burtynsky time.


Rum & coke's, white russians, fried shrimp, barbeque chicken, california rolls, baked beans, naniamo bars, chocolate mouse and vanilla cheesecake at my friends Steve and Erica's wedding reception. Damn guys.

A coffee fueled visit to a local community garden with pal Chris Brayshaw - photography, careerism, anti-depressants, and the 'garden as microcosmic model of community,' all up for discussion.

Jennifer Mcmackon's excellent "Now and Next Minute," (above) at CSA.