Friday, June 15, 2007

Old Lady: What is this? (holding up "Smush Bush" squishable GWB doll.)
Fellow Employee: It's uh..George Bush. You squish it. Him.
Old Lady: This is an outrage. How can you carry this?
Fellow Employee: Uh...
Old Lady: This man was democratically elected to be president of the United States! Can't you have the slightest bit of respect? This man is a world leader! He deserves your respect!
Fellow Employee: Well...
Old Lady: I can't believe you would carry this! I've always shopped here, but this is too much! If you are going to sell garbage like this than you don't deserve my business, or anyone else's!!
Fellow Employee: Uh, we uh, we try to be a forum for free speech here, and not a -er, forum for uh, censorship (reciting from long forgotten memo on store policy regarding outraged customers.)
Old Lady: I don't think so! I think you just lost yourself a customer! (storms out.)
Fellow Employee: (as if suddenly remembering) We carry Ann Coulter books!