Thursday, January 04, 2007

Misunderstandings - Christopher Brayshaw, 2007.

I'm taking part in an online photography project with Adam Harrison, Christopher Brayshaw and Evan Lee entitled Four. One person posts, another responds, and so on, each photo being a specific response to the one before it.
Ideally, this will develop into a conversation about the nature of photography, with photographs themselves doing all the talking. A kind of mute 4-way dialogue, with the possibility of being grossly misunderstood only adding to the complexity of the conversation. That's the best case scenario anyway. Worst case would be a kind of ego-driven photographic pissing contest, with all thematic and contextual concerns thrown to the wind in an attempt to visually one-up each other.
With four egos crammed into the same room together for a year, I could see things getting testy pretty fast, but I'm still rooting for a best case outcome.
Stay tuned.

"...the idea came up again last night, in the context of one of those 70s musical supergroups where everyone onstage is locked in a complicated musical dialogue/argument with everyone else, Cream, Crazy Horse and Neil Young, CSNY, etc. (A better context might be jazz, a kind of "collective improvisation"). So, as I understand this project, it is a kind of collective research, creative mistranslation, willful misprision. A way of thinking back and forth in images, a creative call-and-response that could only work now, in this moment, with this medium."

-Christopher Brayshaw